We have often talked about the benefit of using an app that keeps track of the many passwords you use. One of the apps that gets mentioned quite a bit is 1Password by AgileBits. The iOS app, which is universal, is normally $18, but is currently free at the App Store.

I did notice the “Offers In-App Purchases” below the purchase button. I not sure what that means, if they are going to charge to use the TouchID feature of iOS 8 or simply move the freemium model, or if it’s an error to be there at all. There is no indication on their website other than the update for iOS 8 is free for current users.

[Update] Starting with 1Password 5, the updated version for iOS 8, AgileBits is making 1Password free to download with one-time in-app purchase unlocking pro features. Existing 1Password for iOS users will also get the update to 1Password 5 free of charge.