Newsletter Status


Just a remind that Mini’app’les newsletters starting in July 1978 are available on this website and can be accessed from the Newsletter tab.  We transitioned from printed, mailed newsletters in April 2014. Most of the newsletters included are from Dan Buchler’s collection as provided by Bruce Thompson.

I just added October 1993 which was missing, thanks to Tom Ostertag who had it in his collection.   We are missing about 11 newsletters noted below though all of these may not have been published.  If you have any of these, let us know and we will arrange for scanning and addition to the collection.

Missing months    1-79; 6,8,11-80; 3-86; 7-87; 1,2-93; 8-02; 8-03; 5-08

Recap: Macworld’s coverage of all the announcements in one place


There has been a lot of coverage of Apple’s latest announcements. Macworld has a good rundown of them all listed here. From some hands on articles to what to expect from the new AppleTV.

OS X 10.10.3 and Photos


Apple released the update for Yosemite, 10.10.3, yesterday. You can get it through the Mac App Store if it doesn’t show up as an update or you can download the combo updater if you didn’t updated to 10.10.2.

With 10.10.3, comes the new Photos app. has a good post about using Photos with multiple Macs. The post assumes that the different Macs are using the same iCloud account, however. If you are using different iCloud accounts on the different Macs, you would use the Shared tab and create a Shared Album.

Can you use a Mac Plus to browse the web?


According to Jeff Keacher, writing for The Kernel, you can. So if you have an ancient Mac and want to take on a bit of a challenge, try browsing the web with it. You can read how Jeff Keacher did it.

The iPad Magician


I imagine most of us are staying inside on this cold February day. As we wait for a days that won’t give you frostbite inside of 0f fifteen minutes, check out the iPad Magician, Simon Pierro on YouTube. He has some very cool magic tricks using an iPad in front of live audiences.