Dialing extensions on the iPhone


Great tip from MacSparky on setting up your contacts that have extensions in their phone numbers.

You use a semicolon after the phone number.


Then after you dial the number, you can tap to dial the extension in the bottom left of the screen.


The iPhone Extension Trick

iDevice Screens: These go to -11


Do you use your iPhone or iPad after lights out? Are you, or your partner, disturbed by the light emitting from the screen—even on the lowest brightness setting? Justin Searles, writing at Medium, has the solution:

How-to make your iPhone Dimmer than Dim

I followed the steps in Justin's simple tutorial and now my iPad is ready for bedtime with a simple triple tap on the home button. Come sunrise (or Jeff-rise—whichever comes last) another triple tap restores the screen to all its bright glory.

Now if I could just get the morons misguided folks using their phablets in movie theaters to dim down…

↬ Dave Mark at The Loop, How to make your iPhone dimmer than its dimmest setting


5 tips for using Safari in iOS 8


Among the new features in iOS 8, here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of Safari.

  • Credit card scanning from within Safari. When you’re buying something in Safari, iOS 8 will let you hold your credit card in front of the iPhone’s camera. It will then lift the numbers and paste them into the correct field, making checkouts easy.
  • Request desktop version of a website. Some mobile websites can have several features missing from the desktop version or work slightly different. While some websites give you the option to switch to the desktop version, there are many that don’t. The Safari in iOS 8 lets you see the the desktop version. On the address bar, select the URL and scroll downwards to see the Request Desktop Site option.
  • Private searching with DuckDuckGo — DuckDuckGo, a search engine that doesn’t keep track of every search you make like Google and Bing does, can now be set as your default search engine. You can change it in Settings>Safari.
  • Selectively delete history. You can delete Frequently Visited websites (accessible by tapping the address bar) with a tap & hold, then Delete.
  • Subscribe to a site’s RSS feed. Touch the bookmarks icon and then select the @ column. On the bottom you will find a button labeled Subscriptions. Touch that and then select “Add Current Site” to include it in the list of feeds. The shared links section is another nice addition—it offers other articles and discussion related to what you’re reading.
  • Bonus tip for iPads: the new tab view. Safari on iPad has a new tab view which can be accessed by tapping the top-right button or pinching in on any page. It displays a thumbnail of each page that is open.