Newsletter Status


Just a remind that Mini’app’les newsletters starting in July 1978 are available on this website and can be accessed from the Newsletter tab.  We transitioned from printed, mailed newsletters in April 2014. Most of the newsletters included are from Dan Buchler’s collection as provided by Bruce Thompson.

I just added October 1993 which was missing, thanks to Tom Ostertag who had it in his collection.   We are missing about 11 newsletters noted below though all of these may not have been published.  If you have any of these, let us know and we will arrange for scanning and addition to the collection.

Missing months    1-79; 6,8,11-80; 3-86; 7-87; 1,2-93; 8-02; 8-03; 5-08

For Sale/Wanted


The new For Sale/Wanted page is live now on our site.  There is a Sale link in the top menu bar.  You can use this section to view Apple/Mac items that members are selling or are looking for.  This can be any hardware or software that you have or are looking for.

Ads are free to post for all members. An ad will remain on the site for 90 days and then automatically removed.  All ads need to be approved first before they are published to the site.  Please keep items posted to only technology or technology-related.

Payment transactions happen between the seller and buyer outside of the site (similar to Craigslist).

Newsletter Archive


For the last 36+ years, the Mini’app’les User Group has distributed a newsletter.  Many people have contributed to what is now our documented history.  I just finished scanning the last issues and converted all to text in a PDF format.  You can find them all under the Newsletter section of this site.

Please review and let me know of any problems such as miss-scans or rotated pages.  Occasionally during the Summer months, the July and August issues were combined.  I have scanned all issues that I had access to.  If you have other issues of the newsletter, please contact me  and we can arrange to include them in this archive.

We are also looking at a way to add a search capability or a method to index this information.