I’ve seen this before and other similar spoofs, but apparently there are those who are gullible to believe it.


Don’t put metal, including a smartphone, in the microwave. Bad things happen.

…just in case any of y’all are as gullible as me, DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR IPHONE pic.twitter.com/TV1JKtT7hQ — lorena terroba (@lore1306) September 18, 2014

Who else need a new iphone and microwave? pic.twitter.com/qRP9Xt2pQp — Ralph (@ralph23jays) September 19, 2014

I tried using the new IOS 8 feature WAVE where you can charge your phone with a microwave, does not work @Apple pic.twitter.com/IWsWnVboUl — nick (@Fallenbot) September 18, 2014

DO NOT TRY THE WAVE THING FOR IOS8!!! pic.twitter.com/g0N2ENJnrv — Bryan Kim (@bryankim23) September 18, 2014

USE WAVE THEY SAID. IT’LL CHARGE YOUR IPHONE IN THE MICROWAVE THEY SAID. pic.twitter.com/DJspCShhJq — jadaa (@iPunchhBabiies) September 18, 2014