Federico Viticci at MacStories.net has an interesting article about how he uses an iPad Air 2 as his main computer for both work and fun.

I’m typing this article on an iPad Air 2 using Editorial in portrait mode. This has become my favorite way to “create and consume content” and it’s a good demonstration of the iPad’s raison d’être for someone who also owns an iPhone and a Mac…

…I can write blog posts, respond to emails, look up recipes, prepare for podcasts, and watch videos while I hold my iPad upright as a book and it feels great. This isn’t just a marvel of engineering – it’s a profound approach to truly personal computing. I have a 10-inch display that’s always connected to the Internet and can come with me anywhere. Isn’t that awesome?

There’s more, however, to the iPad Air 2 than its profile and heft (or lack thereof).