Mini’app’les Meeting, Tuesday June 21 Meeting Notes & Links



Topic: WWDC 2016

Mac Clean Up Tools & Maintenance

  • OnyX – verify the disk and system, perform system maintenance, clean the system
  • Cocktail – clean, repair and optimize
  • Malwarebytes – malware scanner

Mini’app’les Meeting, Tuesday May 17 Meeting Notes & Links



Topic: Storage Options

Mini’app’les Meeting, Tuesday Apr. 19 Meeting Notes & Links



Topic: Productivity

2014 Annual Meeting Notes


The annual Mini’app’les meeting will be held at the Washburn Library’s meeting room (map) on Saturday, February 15th at 1:00 pm. Thanks to those that attended and braved the heavy snow and cold weather.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the Mac, we talked about different members’ first Macintosh computer and other memories from the first years of Macintosh computing.

We had a contest to see who can bring in the oldest Mac related item in three categories. The first was for oldest Macintosh computer. Dave Lundin brought in a Macintosh 128k. The second was for the oldest Macintosh software on factory media. Joel Gerdeen brought in Multiplan, developed by Microsoft. The third was for the oldest Macintosh periphery or accessory. Tom Ostertag brought in a Mac Cracker Tool, a long torx screw driver to remove the case on a the first few Macintosh computers. Each received a $25 Apple gift card.

Using an iOS app, NameSelector, Randy Hilden was selected as our lucky winner of an AppleTV.